Global Internet Trends – The world is getting smarter

The world is undergoing a fundamental shift due to expansion of mobile technology. Almost everything can be managed by using smart devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. With over a billion users, the internet is unarguably the most successful human invention ever created. In today’s environment, who needs a dictionary, a calculator, a textbook, a brick and mortar retail shop, a visit to bank etc.? With ever changing global internet trends, smart devices ensure that we can now abandoning earlier lifestyles we used to follow. Whatever we want to do, is just a click away due to seismic shifts in internet proliferation.

Internet has allowed consumers to shop virtually almost everything at their convenience; at the same time, it offers huge opportunity to providers with direct access to a wide range of markets. Companies are using mobile, social and other native advertising to manage competition and attract consumers on a variety of online platforms. Globally, mobile advertising is gaining increased importance with 47 per cent growth over last year.

 Emerging internet trends around unbundling of apps that cater to the specific needs with a clear shift from multi-purpose web apps to single purpose mobile apps – easily accessible through smart devices anytime, anywhere. Technology has taken a big leap from enterprise software to SMAC and artificial intelligence and has clearly become an integral part of every industry in an increasingly multi-device connected world. Smart machines, cognitive computing and internet of things are narrowing the divide between humans and machines, and creating exciting applications where technology will take decisions for humans based on their preferences.

New age technology is leading the way towards a smarter planet. Globally emerging trends like mobile internet, smart cities, automation, Internet of things etc. are redefining the future of technology. Internet of Things (IOT) or Internet of Everything (IOE) – brings a new concept where devices perform more intelligently when connected online, and hence become more useful.

The growing pace of internet connectivity enables wireless communication between multiple devices to offer solutions like smart homes, connected cars, smart meters, smart vehicles etc. This smart connected products ecosystem can create new business applications and become new sources of competitive advantage. Hiring a cab, finding local businesses, booking a hotel room, navigating traffic, listening to music, booking a dinner table, controlling television and other devices – it’s all technology enabled, mobile now.

IOT, in future, will offer endless technology opportunities that are only limited to our imagination. This connected network will only develop smarter solutions by embedding sensors in almost every day-to-day object and complement our lives in an untraditional way.

      Stay tuned for part II of the blog which will talk about Indian Internet Trends and impact on technology. 

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