Opportunity to be featured in NASSCOM report on AR/VR

NASSCOM is working on a report on Immersive Market in India – covering Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. On the basis of our findings, we intend to lend a perspective to the consumers of the report – Players (incl. start-ups), Consumers, Government the movement and progression in the Industry, and the market for this; A detailed Industry Analysis of Immersive Media, Opportunities for Market Players and recommendations on Policy and Regulations to ensure that the industry thrives and meets the global levels of growth.


Who can participate?

  • Interactivity Enablers: Companies developing tools for interaction with AR/VR content through natural gestures


  • Development Tools: Companies providing tools for AR/VR development like depth sensors, engines to understand the environment, and AR/VR content creation tools


  • Applications: Companies using AR/VR technology in different sectors for both consumer and enterprise applications


  • Display Medium: Companies manufacturing display devices to view AR/VR content


  • Platforms/interface for AR/VR


Share your use cases and a single page company profile with us and be featured in our latest report on “Immersive Market in India”. The template to submit case studies is attached. 

Last Date for submission: 20th August 2018

Open to all companies (NASSCOM members & non-members)

Participation fee: FREE


For more details contact:

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