Enabling the BPM ecosystem at Chennai

The BPM Council has initiated a program to connect emerging companies with the Council initiatives as well as understand the local challenges and build programs to address these issues. Accordingly, a very successful NASSCOM BPM Council regional meet was held in Chennai on 05th May 2016. The meeting was attended by in excess of 40 members, a platform to provide a complete update on Council activities, define priority areas as well, as an outreach to share local issues and request for formation of a local forum. Some of the key issues raised by members included:

  • Talent: Showcase the career opportunities and enable employees to think of BPM careers as long term options.
  • Compliances: Address issues related to labour laws, local compliances and Payment of Bonus act.
  • 24x7x365: Enable BPM companies to work all days of the year without any disruption to handle critical projects / support services
  • Best Practices:
  • Skills: Partner with academia and focus on building curriculum, train the trainers; specialised programs like F&A, Analytics
  • Mentorship: Creating Mentors in the domain, Make existing employees become mentors or role model, Explaining industry structure and growth frontiers
  • Tech Disruptions: Create programs to understand how technology is disrupting the BPM sector.

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