From Effective to Strategic: Thriving in the Maturing Era of BPM: NASSCOM BPM Summit

Come September and Bengaluru will host the NASSCOM BPM Summit on the 22-23 September. HfS Research is the content partner for the summit. The summit will focus on the key talent and technology ingredients the BPM industry needs to invest and nurture to be successful for the long-term. Some of the questions that the summit will look to address are:

  • How will enterprises re-designed their processes to achieve their desired business outcomes?
  • How to deliver much greater strategic value and outcome alignment?
  • How do you address the challenge of reorienting, not only skill sets of delivery staff and leadership, but changing their mindsets and broadening their capabilities?

Key BPM Summit Topics to Empower Clients and BPM relationships:

Design Thinking:  Understanding the business context to reimagine processes aligned with meeting client needs

Intelligent Automation:  Embracing automation and cognitive computing to augment human performance

Accessible and Actionable Data:  Applying insights from integrated data, in real-time with meaningful business context

Writing-off Legacy: Adopting a longer-view  mindset to overhaul obsolete processes and scrap legacy tech investments. A preparedness to invest in change

Brokering Capability: Orienting governance to source expertise from all available sources, both internally and externally, to address capability gaps

Achieving Collaborative Engagements: Ensuring relationships are contracted to drive sustained expertise and outcomes

Achieving Holistic Security: Proactively managing digital data across service chain of people, systems & processes

Rolling out Plug & Play Digital Business Services:  Plugging into “ready to go” outcome-focused, people / process / tech solutions with security measures and consumption-based pricing

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