Grafting CI into Organizations DNA

This blog is authored by Chameli Naraine, President & CEO, Symcor IncListen to her at  NASSCOM BPM Strategy Summit 2017  

The evolutionary aspect of human history demonstrates the principle of Continuous Improvement:

 Aspiration to be better and intrinsic to who we are
 Agriculture to Aerospace

Many organizations have failed in unlocking the power of Continuous Improvement and, ultimately, value creation:
 Lack of understanding of the principles and leadership mindset
 Lack of courage, realities of systems knowledge and discipline
 Focus on small process improvement (p.i.) vs. enterprise value (EV)

Continuous Improvement means doing everything better today than yesterday with a direct line of sight into tomorrow:
 Capitalize on the human spirit and behavior
 Our employees + Our culture + Knowledge = Valued Corporate Performance
There has never been a time in our corporate history as NOW, where technology has unleashed new enablers that are rapidly driving the next waves of Continuous Improvement:
 What, When and How things are done
 Create or destroy enterprise value
 A time to understand and be responsible for the creation of GOOD enterprise value with an eye to PUBLIC GOOD.
 A deeply reflective time for CEOs but action is required

Continuous Improvement needs to be embedded in the company DNA and fully integrated in all aspects of the business. If done well, the results are powerful:
 Drives appetite to innovate – the circle of goodness continues
 Leads to client centric service delivery and creation of new services
 Employees can engage in creative destruction and be empowered
 A powerful driver of execution and new best ever performance attained
 Results in outstanding corporate financial performance

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