Business Continuity Plans – Foundation for a Better Future

With the current, continued impact of COVID-19, combined with the ongoing potential of disastrous weather or other business-destabilizing events, having a solid Business Continuity Plan is more critical than ever before. At the core of any BCP is people. Even more so given that work at home has become the new norm. As we look back at the last few months, the traditional BPC definition has evolved:

  • The conventional ways of planning at country, city, site, and program level has now moved to an individual level
  • BCP’s must be high-tech and high-touch due to location diversity of our people
  • Rapid changes in business dynamics driven by ground realities


There are many nuances to consider when building a BCP in this new normal:

  • Deep trust and agile entrepreneurial leadership to co-create and execute BCPs with timely and constant communication with clients
  • Balancing the data privacy of end-users and clients along with the privacy of employees as they share the workspace with other family members
  • Security considerations across different industry segments and the nuances for each work at home scenario
  • Employee engagement and communication to ensure they feel secure and cared for even while working remotely
  • Equip, empower, and govern individual work at home needs like power backup, robust connectivity to support omni-channel engagement, VDI/VPN, noise cancellation aids, ergonomics and more

Most importantly, think differently and approach the BCP with empathy. Merge your we’re in this together attitude with putting in the necessary tracking and reporting mechanisms for governance.

At Sutherland, we quickly regrouped to interpret and analyze data at the most granular level which helped us not only mobilize our workforce but to also manage a large operation efficiently with minimal disruption for our clients. Today, three plus months in,  we’ve emerged stronger as a team with valuable insights into people, operations and with a deep mutual trust with clients on the future of work at home in India – an integral part of redefined BCP strategy!

Harita Gupta is the Country Head for India at Sutherland.  Harita joined Sutherland as the Global Head of the Enterprise Business in 2017 & brings in 3 decades of vast Global experience in the IT/ITES services sector across Geographies. 



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