COVID19: Chest CT Solutions Powered by AI Could Be The Key To Effectively Treating COVID19 Cases

With a rapidly spreading disease like COVID19, every day is a battlefield for a healthcare worker. Not only are they dealing with a multitude of patients whose numbers swell with no warning, but are confounded at the dynamic manner of presentation of symptoms. When cases first started getting detected, the first level of screening was epidemiological – i.e. largely tracking a person’s travel history and contact tracing. As countries move into Stage 3 and 4 of transmission, the symptoms to be wary of are largely to do with respiratory distress, indicative of the virus having reached the lungs.

India has already registered more than 2,000 cases and 53 deaths. Officials believe these numbers will rise in the coming days. This means hospitals across the nation need to brace for a wave of sick people. At a time like this, it is absolutely imperative to utilize technologies that can alleviate the pressure and load on front-line medical workers and support staff, by…Read more

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