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TechVoice: How Industry 4.0 Is Transforming Businesses in the IoT Space


Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on inter connectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Anil Pandey, AVP & Head – IoT Solutions, LTI – talks about how Industry 4.0 is playing a pivotal role in transforming business and fostering innovation in the IoT and IIoT space. You can listen to the interview on LTI’s Sound Ideas podcast on Accelerating Industry 4.0 & Business Transformation  What is the Industry 4.0 the world is talking about? Industry 4.0 is the most talked about concept nowadays. It starts with the convergence of physical and digital, which was the fundamental ideology behind how can we converge physical and digital together. The challenges, the world was facing was, when it was product, plant and a...

Want to learn Business Transformation from Shiv Shivakumar or Managing Business during crises from Aditya Ghosh? Now You Can.


Often, we hear about how important it is to meet industry leaders in our fields to gain insights and valuable advice. But odds are you’ll find it super tough get a meeting on the books with Dr. Ashwani Lohani, former Chairman and MD of Air India to chat about businessturnaround or build a financial business with Former CEO of TATA AIA Mr. Suresh Mahalingam to chat about climbing the career ladder. The next best option is to virtually meet them — or Aditya Ghosh, Richard Rekhy, or one of 15,000 other top industry leaders globally — through SpeakIn. SpeakIn is an online platform that is bringing together some of today’s most famous and influential professionals as Experts and Advisors on one single forum. And there’s probably never been a better time to give it a try as we try to make the be...

#ManagingChange with Saurabh Srivastava – COVID, Entrepreneurs and Investors


Deepshikha, SpeakIn’s Founder speaks to Shri. Saurabh Srivastava who is one of India’s leading entrepreneurs, investors and institution builders. He has worked extensively in the US, UK, Singapore and India. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has presented him an award for contribution to the Indian IT Industry and the President of India has awarded him the Padma Shri. He co-founded and Chaired key institutions of modern India focused on IT and entrepreneurship: NASSCOM, Indian Venture Capital Association; TiE; Indian Angel Network, world’s largest angel investor group with over 100 portfolio companies, 470 investor members globally. His public service commitments: National Innovation Council, PM’s Empowered Committee on Excellence in Public Administration, SEBI Committee on VC/PE Fun...

#LeaderTalk: Saurabh Uboweja, Founder and Managing Partner at BOD talks about role of effective corporate strategy building process in an organization


This is usually the time of the year when you are looking to review or build your corporate strategy, one of the most crucial aspects of running your mid-size business but often not given dedicated focus, usually because of a lack of professional help. In this nugget, I will try to simplify the definition of corporate strategy, its elements and guide you on what you should expect from it. The objective of corporate strategy is to help you make the Most Important Decisions pertaining to your business over a 3-5 year period. Therefore, it is about your midterm to long term future and is aimed at giving clear direction to your leaders, both at the business unit level as well as functional level. These Most Important Decisions (let’s call them MIDs) pertain to three focus areas of your b...

TechVoice: Business Continuity – Resetting the Way We Work


  There are moments in time, where singularly pervasive events have redefined everything we once took for granted—for instance, getting up, getting dressed, and going to work. In the last few weeks, the core concepts of going to work and how we work have changed. While remote working is not new, the focus it’s receiving now, not just in India but globally, is unprecedented. What’s interesting is that we are witnessing business and government leaders taking bold decisions to enable work from home, something that seemed outlandish just a few weeks ago. In India, the Department of Telecommunications relaxed regulations for IT service providers, to allow employees to work from home. The Central Government ordered 50 percent of its employees to work from home; the Assam Government instruct...

Importance of data analytics in understanding consumer behavior


  By Mr. Vikram Kumar, Co-Founder and Managing Director, SRV Media Pvt. Ltd   To understand data analytics and why it is crucial, we need to first understand what data is and why there is a need to analyze it. Data, in common terms, is the representation of information. It can be qualitative or quantitative, coded or formatted depending on the use of that information. Data analysis, on the other hand, means deriving the meaning of the information for which the data has been collected. It is the logical method of evaluating the data and determining the most accurate and appropriate interpretation of it so that the knowledge extracted can be put to good use. Without the analysis of data, we would not have a clear understanding of what the market needs and what can help the market g...

Coronavirus and its Impact on the Global Economy


At the dawn of 2020, while the world was celebrating New year’s eve, the China headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO) came across a peculiar case of pneumonia in the city of Wuhan – the sprawling capital of the Hubei province. In a matter of just four days, the number of infected rose to 44. The infection said to have originated from a mammal, a bat many speculate, was termed by experts as the novel coronavirus (nCoV) – a new strain of coronavirus which is responsible for infections like common cold and flu. The virus has since infected over 42,000 people and resulted in more than 1000 deaths in China alone. The nCoV causes an acute respiratory disease and has an incubation period ranging from 2 to 14 days. The symptoms of the infection are very similar to those of common flu,...

TechVoice: How NASSCOM CoE IoT & ICANN Are Contributing To The Future Of The Internet In India


India has witnessed a phenomenal surge in digitalization over the past decade. One impact of this has been the rapid growth in the use of the Internet. In 2010, India had 92 million Internet users according to the International Telecommunication Union. By 2016, the number of users has jumped to 390 million. At the time of writing, all estimates point to the number of users between 580 million and 600 million by 2020. Our planet Earth already has  4.33 billion people who are connected to the Internet and a large portion of the “next billion” will come from India. During the last decade, Indian Internet networks have been  built mainly atop fast-expanding 2G, 3G and later 4G GSM networks. Network operators consequently have met with challenges of yearly double-digit customer growth, and have...

Management or Leadership- two sides of the same coin says Manjula Muthukrishnan, MD, Avalara India


Management is climbing the ladder efficiently; leadership is ensuring said ladder is leaning against the right wall. Given a choice, would you be a good manager or a good leader? A good manager may not necessarily be a good leader and similarly, a good leader may not be a good manager. So why do most corporate organizations look for both traits in their employees? When an organization invests in an employee, they look to help the employee integrate themselves into an effectively functional system. And it is under the realm of this system, that an employee will prove whether they are good leaders or good managers. The leaders will focus on harmonizing the workplace environment and align strategic goals with operations. The managers will work closer to the ground – focusing on improvin...

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