Simple Solutions to Save Your Phone Expenses with Cloud Contact Center

Simple Ways to Save Expenses with Cloud Contact Center’s Unlimited Plans

Businesses are embracing cloud-based solutions to ensure a streamlined customer communication. The reason behind this are mainly three factors: Flexibility, Efficiency and Scalability. Configuration of a cloud contact center enables businesses to create a seamless business operation. The added benefit of a contact center is accompanied by unlimited calling which will help businesses to save their expenses while generating quality leads. 

The contact center by Knowlarity enables a secured and reliable customer communication to manage the entire workforce on a single platform. At the same time businesses are looking for innovative and economical plans to strive in the existing competitive scenario. Thus, it can be achieved through a cost-effective smart solution to initiate an automated customer engagement smart solution. It will help companies to ensure quick response with unlimited plans to every customer query without missing a single call. 


What factors have been taken over by Digitization in a Contact Center?

  1. On-premise workstation has been taken over by flexible & mobile workforce to work from remote locations.
  2. Real-time data generates deep insights which was earlier a part of manual data consolidation.
  3. Live notifications of the customer calls with customer details on the online dashboards to notify the agent who is already on a call.
  4. IVR response helps in automation for outbound and inbound calls to save time in responding to customer queries.
  5. User-friendly compliance without any equipment installation is more mobile as compared to PVX compliances.
  6. Complete data privacy of customers and callers are ensured by every company which was earlier absent from customer service support.


Benefits of the Cloud Contact Center Solutions:

  • Instant Set up and Easy CRM Activation: With an easy plug and play set up, activate the contact center software with your existing CRM in no time.
  • No Capex Requirement: As the complete process will be over cloud, there is no capex requirement to install the software.
  • Convert More Leads: Get the opportunity to convert more quality leads without missing a single call.


3 Simple Solutions to Save Your Phone Expenses with Cloud Contact Center

The digital innovation in the customer support process has taken the center stage of every business plan. To make the process more efficient and cost-effective, switching to cloud contact center with unlimited plans is a smart choice for every business. Companies are already spending on multiple softwares for a single process unit. Instead the smarter option is to choose a cloud based solution that already has the unlimited plan benefits included in it. 

Lead Management Software with Click-to-Call

Businesses that have the requirement of handling huge incoming and outgoing customer calls, the lead management software suits their needs. The easiest way to handle a complete contact center process is through a single smart solution that already offers unlimited calls. 

  • The lead management software allows the operations manager to collect the customer information from an online dashboard of recorded data. 
  • Followed by which that data can be uploaded as a predefined list on the panel of the agent’s dashboard. 
  • The best feature of this solution is that the agent only has the viewing access to that uploaded data to place calls to customers. 
  • This ensures a level of security through a restricted login facility for the agents and the manager. 
  • While the click-to-call feature helps in responding to customer calls within seconds by saving time. It has all the facilities of an Inbound and Outbound Contact Center.
  • Every data gets recorded automatically in real-time on a single online dashboard that can be seen as daily, weekly and monthly as deep insights. Deep insights will help you in managing your operations efficiently and scale at wish.

Inbound & Outbound Contact Center or Click-to-Call

Businesses that have the requirement of both inbound and outbound calls can opt for this smart solution that also has the benefit of unlimited calls.

  • The inbound and outbound contact center also runs on single software installation.  
  • The smart features include live call monitoring, whisper and more to help run the customer support process smoothly.
  • All customer calls can also be diverted to the agent’s personal mobile no to ensure enhanced customer experience.
  • The solution also helps in handling a large number of call volumes.
  • The call routing mechanism allows routing the call to the next available agent by not missing a single call.
  • Live notifications on dashboard to notify the agent’s on call.
  • IVR system automates the process of answering the customer queries.
  • Insights analytics dashboard records every data in real-time ensuring streamlined service.

Inbound Contact Center 

Businesses that only have the requirement of responding to customer queries through inbound calls, can opt for this solution. Even this solution has the unlimited call benefits factor that will easily help to save the extra billing expenses.

  • Inbound contact center also has the similar features and benefits as that of the above two solutions.
  • This smart solution will ensure a smooth handling of customer queries in less expenses.
  • Calls will be recorded in real-time to offer training in the future to ensure efficient customer support service.
  • Real-time dashboard will allow to track and monitor agents performance from anywhere.
  • East call routing of customer calls to provide quick customer support in resolvement of their queries through IVR as an added feature.
  • IVR system automates the process of answering the customer queries.


Innovation in the digital space of customer communication has evolved customer-centric cloud-based smart solutions. This ensures the changing demand of customer support service on a secured platform to run an efficient business process while being flexible and mobile.

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