Agritech Case Study Series: Yuktix Technologies

Product Name: ColdSense
Name of Organization: Yuktix Technologies Pvt ltd
At the helm: Rajeev Jha
Year of Incorporation: Oct 2013
Core technology used: IoT and Wireless Sensing


1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief. 

Yuktix ColdSense is one of the product developed on the IoT Yuktix IoT platform. Yuktix ColdSense comes in different version. One version is with multiple battery powered wireless sensor nodes with a central gateway suited for Multiple chambers Cold Storages or Warehouse. The other version – CryoSense is a single devices suited for deep freezers, CO2 Incubators with temperature ranges from -200 to +250 Degree available with GPRS/Wifi and Ethernet options. Combined with ColdSense Dashboard(Real time data display, daily, weekly and fortnightly email reports and SMS),
Analytics and Yuktix SensorDB.

2.  Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention. 

At present, we are active in the region of Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and UP. With Yuktix ColdSens we have improved the asset monitoring across the agriculture value chain starting with POST harvest. The same technology is used in another of our product GreenSense (Disease, pest and Irrigation Management) for open fields,
Greenhouses, Plantations and Orchards.

4. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?

Objective of the project was to provide commoditized hardware to the farmers to reduce the POST harvest
losses by accurately measuring indoor environment of Cold Storages, Warehouse and alarming them using different means so that corrective actions can be taken which earlier otherwise was not possible. Our multinode and single node with different communication option solves the problem of asset monitoring across the agriculture value chain.

5. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability 

Yuktix IOT platform which include hardware with different communication options like GPRS, Wifi , Ethernet, Sub-Ghz
radio and Software – SensorDB (IoT Device and data management platform – PAAS) provide the scalability to expand our offering across the agriculture value chain and other verticals.

Yuktix product ColdSense and GreenSense are already in market.

6. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership

Yes we are looking for partners in different states in India who can help us increase our presence in India.



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