CityGreens – Enabling city dwellers to access healthy, safe and fresh food

Using principles of Vertical Farming, we are creating indigenous technology (Patent Pending) that enables city dwellers to grow Safe, Healthy and Fresh produce in minimal space at prices less than half of what similar technology may cost in West.

We are a Startup recognized by Govt. of India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce under ‘StartupIndia’ initiative. We are working on the dual mission to solve the problem of access to Safe, Healthy and Fresh food for urban dwellers who are witnessing a rapid rise in chronic and life-threatening ailments due to increased consumption of food laden with harmful chemicals and pesticides. In parallel, we are working on developing technologies that can increase agricultural productivity per sq. ft. multi-fold and bring in more predictability in production cycles by eliminating variables like rainfall, temperature, weather, pests etc out of the equation

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