How to list your agritech venture here

Agritech Solutions is created to put the spotlight on Indian startups as well as established companies. Here you can upload a company brief as well any documents needed to explain your solution. This section will serve as a database of the most interesting Indian agritech solutions. Here are a few ideas on how the section will be promoted:

  1. Referenced by other NASSCOM teams for future events, speakerships etc
  2. Used for stories/interviews and promotions on our social channels
  3. Referenced by GTD team for Japan and China trips (mostly IOT only)
  4. The section will be sent to funders as the Indian database on agri companies

Here is how you upload your company profile:

  1. Choose from Write a blogpost, Upload a file, Create a video option from Actions on the right panel
  2. Blog: If you have text, files, videos etc, this is the best option. All forms of content can go under this.
  3. If you have only a document or a video, use those options and not a blog.
  4. If you do not have a solution and only a concept, chose Create an Idea

Please let me know if you need any assistance in the process.Leave a comment or write to me at 

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