IACG & FarmLogics Technologies announce strategic partnership

FarmLogics Technologies Pvt Ltd. (FarmLogics) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with International Agriculture Consulting Group (IACG) to form a strategic partnership to provide advance management and analytic solution for contract farming and commodity value chain.

FarmLogics and IACG shall cooperate with each other in the field of base data generation & analysis, Contract farming business management solutions, Value Chain Management Solutions in the area of agriculture. Both companies will jointly work for specific projects related to Food & Agriculture sector in terms of technological innovations, Precision Agriculture, Agri-commodity Value Chain and Contract Farming.

The partnership will enable IACG to offer complete solution on Agri sector consulting by offering FarmLogics advanced data management and analytics solution to its clients. Farmlogics will gain the market access in areas where IACG is operating and will work jointly with IACG to deliver the required solutions for the clients.

The Indian agritech sector is only just shaping up and we will see a lot of such partnerships as well as M&As in coming days. If you know of any, feel free to share them on the Community. 

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