Weekly Agri-tech startup meet

The initiative Agri-Tech has been formed with the aim of transforming fragmented yet the biggest sector of Indian economy – agriculture. The different stakeholders through the value chain have extended their wholehearted support – right from Govt department, top research institutes like IARI & ICAR, and Agri-Funding organization like NABARD and some of the big players in the fertilizer & Agro-Input market, Mechanizations, Advanced-Corporate Farming as well as the super-user farmers group.

This has validated our strong beliefs in the Agri-tech initiatives to contribute to the national mission of doublig farmer’s income by 2022, that next revolution in Indian agriculture had to be built on technology and modernization. The role of start-up at this early stage journey is crucial. We will be working with the start-ups registered with us on 3 major counts:


  1. Connects for Funding / Financial related
  2. Market Connects for Business Development
  3. Technology Support & Enhancements

Every THURSDAY, we have scheduled AGRI-TECH START-UP MEET : 2 hours of a focused free flow meeting and discussion in person at NASSCOM CoE, Bangalore between 1 to 3 PM.  

Starting this first week of May 2017, (likely Wed / Thursday) we will be mentoring & supporting the Coffee Plantations related Agri-tech challenges & issues through precision farming, drone based or market connects related. This meeting may be presided by the Secretary of Indian Coffee Board wherein we are likely to choose few start-ups for pilot projects for scaled up demonstration in the field.

Interested ones can get in touch with Ravikishor Mundada at for taking part in this long term initiative for Sustainable Agriculture. ( Please send your story along with credentials / case study for the solution working in the field, details of Product & Service details, details of your business plan or proposal.)

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  1. Identifying the Suitable ToT Startups to addess the challanges of coffee cultivation. 

    NASSCOM IoT CoE, under the initiative of GoK, had incubated and supported many deep-tech startups who are ready to address the challenges faced by Indian Agriculture in many segments and cropping systems. One such instance is Coffee plantation. The visit by delegated from Coffee Board to IoT CoE at Bangalore had been towards shortlisting the startups to work on further requirements / challenges faced by Coffeee Board. 

    Given the broad spectrum domain spectrum in Indian agriculture, this is the right approach that Coffee Board has taken up for leveraging the technology & connected systems for information sharing & decision making.  At this stage in Agri-Tech, many startups have been incubated to build the technology capabilities for generic agriculture applications such as Precision Farming and Connected Farm Systems as well as See to Fork etc for the automation of farming process and value chain. However, its the specialized application on the top of this generic capabilities – like Coffee Disease Prediction, Coffee Picking, Harvesting & Yield Analysis etc, will give immediate benefits to the respective cropping related aspects to the cultivators.

    With this in mind, the approach is to have the first level of technology deployment together with the second level of specialization for specific crops will help easier and faster adoption of Agri-Tech in Indian farming sector.

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