Digital Customer Experience Services – How India Can Lead the World

NASSCOM’s latest report “Digital Customer Experience Services – How India Can Lead the World” in collaboration with NelsonHall is based on interviews with CX Services providers and customers with delivery operations in India. The purpose of the study is to identify the client requirements and providers’ best practices to deliver CX services across the different stages of the customer lifecycle; the development and use of digital channels and technologies including omnichannel delivery, analytics, automation, and RPA; and co-creation for digital transformation delivered from India for domestic and international markets.


Key Findings & Highlights:

Digital transformation is having a major impact on CX services, and the level and scale of analytical and technology expertise in India provides the country with a natural advantage. The move to digital channels and the increased need for digital transformation and analytics skills are likely to drive more work from onshore to India.


In particular:

  • Organizations’ requirements are changing from voice-enabled, low-cost handling of simple customer care and technical support queries to customer-centric shifts to digital channels, with increased emphasis on customer retention and sales
  • Organizations are looking to introduce new digital customer service models with increased customer-centricity and a greater focus on customer retention and sales. India’s CX value proposition is moving from agent scalability to digital customer experience centers of excellence
  • Key success factors for vendors include the improved ability to identify and map key customer journeys; their capabilities to design the UX; their expertise in new customer service technologies and channels; and their ability to enhance customer service agents
  • To take advantage of the digital transformation opportunities, India’s CX delivery needs to move to a model of continuous co-innovation with its clients in the introduction and management of new digital delivery model


The scope of the report includes:

  • The market size and projected growth of the CX Services market delivered from India
  • The market size of the CX Services marked delivered from India by end user location, by service line, and industry
  • The changing client requirement for CX services, both internationally and within the Indian domestic market
  • Expected changes in the levels of voice and digital customer interactions over the next three years
  • Expected changes in the level of use of CRM, domain-specific platforms, and NLP and cognitive technologies over the next three years
  • The new approaches and the best practices to deliver enhanced value from CX services in India, as well as the expected levels of benefits
  • Level of maturity of new CX business models and technologies in India
  • Roadmap showing how India can lead the world in next generation digital CX services.

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