Digital Transformation in Searching Jobs

Why LinkedIn is Important in this era?

In the 21st century, it has become important for every professional, marketer, brand manager, people who are searching for a job, etc. to have a LinkedIn account. Because with the help of this platform the people can share their expertise by sharing the blogs which are written by them and also to add all the information related to the career, achievements, goals, interest, etc. on LinkedIn profile so that people who are searching that skills, can search you easily, in other words, the future of jobs will be dependent on LinkedIn rather than walking in the companies for jobs, this will be called as a digital transformation of jobs because traditionally searching for the job is nowadays is converting into digitally searching for the jobs. It is the platform that helps you to stay connected with all types of companies and also with your dream company, with all the latest updates about the companies you follow on LinkedIn.

This is the best platform to tell professionals about your skills, talent, etc. they may contact you on LinkedIn through messages on LinkedIn, people can easily connect with their community by linking up with brand pages and groups on LinkedIn. This is the platform which helps the people in increasing their networking with professional and with their dream companies; on the other hand, with the help of this platform, a company can also increase their business connections more than that from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Features of LinkedIn

There are certain reasons which make important for every professional, job seeker to be on LinkedIn are: –

  • Recruiters and Human Resource professionals of all the companies are on LinkedIn – The Human Resource professionals who want to hire employees, interns for their company, they always look for certain skills in a person and hire them accordingly, so for this they search those skills on LinkedIn and from there they get to know about us, if we have that skill set, they may read your LinkedIn profile and get impressed from their itself and can also call you for an interview by just looking our LinkedIn profile. This is the first advantage of having a LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn has extensive job listing – LinkedIn is the platform which provides us with the feature of job search as per our requirement, we can do that from a LinkedIn search engine, so that the right person may read your profile at the right time to hire a right person.
  • Receive (and give) endorsements and testimonials – This is the feature which actually gives a job seeking candidates +1 from their LinkedIn profile in the eye of a recruiter, this can be done by endorsing the skills of others and getting your skills to endorse from others, you can also ask a person whom you know well to right up some recommendations on your profile and you can also do the same for others.
  • Increase your connections – This is the only platform that helps the user to create a great impression in the eye of professionals, by connecting them on LinkedIn which also leads to increase connectivity. LinkedIn gives you the chance to connect with professionals of your dream company or with many other companies, not other social networking site does this, they may also help you to increase in connections but not professionally, the connections which you increase on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are not professional connections those are called general connections.

LinkedIn Recommendations

  • Join Community, Groups on LinkedIn – LinkedIn help fresher to join professional groups or communities so that they can learn about more on their interest areas and can also get more information about their dream companies.
  • Reach out to the people who are viewing your profile – LinkedIn gives the option to its users to see, who are searching you and also get to know about who are viewing your profile and after that if we find that person relevant, to whom we actually want that person to see my profile then, we can also reach out to that person personally only just with the help of LinkedIn.
  • Updating Online Resume – LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to update your resume online by uploading your resume once on your LinkedIn profile, rather than updating it again and again in paper format.
  • Establish your expertise by using the LinkedIn content platform – With the help of this feature people can increase their knowledge by writing blogs and posting it n LinkedIn with relevant hashtags so that it will be searched by a larger audience. This will lead to increase in the confidence level of that person and will also help that person to increase their expertise.
  • Read news from your connections – Users can also read about the tips, news, and updates of their connections, which help the user to be up to date about a particular industry and according to its interests.
  • Research other businesses – By now many of the businesses are on LinkedIn, LinkedIn helps the user to search for business as per their choice and make it easy for the user to read the business profile and can also get in touch with the professional of that business.
  • Running Ads on LinkedIn – This is the best feature of LinkedIn which helps marketers of a B2B firm to run ad campaigns for attracting more B2B firms towards their ads and get enrolled with them.

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