IoT Geeks: Jan’2017 – 3D Printing Workshop highlights

In addition to Internet of Things (IoT) community, IoT Geeks Launched Chennai Makerspace community last October 2016. Our objective is to give an opportunity for everyone to make stuff – How to convert ideas into physical prototypes or products. We want to build a foundation for people to collaborate and build things. We scheduled our first workshop for first week of January 2017 but due to natural calamities and Jallikattu protest in tamilnadu, finally we moved workshop date to Jan 29

It was last Saturday (28-01-2017) Magesh, Sathiyaraj and volunteers team made a pre-work work for Sunday workshop. We bought and assembled 5 new 3D Printers for this workshop. We never saw any typical 3D Printing workshop with these many printers. Since we wanted to give a great experience to participants, we decided to do it. All set to go for next day.

08:00 am: Sunday Morning, Magesh and volunteers arrived at Ascendas IT Park and got a permission to move 3D Printers to ThoughtWorks office and placed printers inside office around 8:30.

08:30 am: The Door opened and participants started coming in, Sarath from volunteers group started installing the printers for demo. Nipun helped with WIFI setup for Workshop and he was also watching 3D Printer installations. Volunteers and Core team members were helping the participants for software installations and general questions.

09:00 am: Participants were told to install the Fusion 360 CAD software on their laptop for CAD model design. Also other required softwares like Cura etc. Also Abirami who is IoT Geeks core team members started cross-checked participants e-tickets for the event.

10:00 am: Everyone was in, 50+ people that included Participants, Volunteers and core team members. Sambhav Kicked-off the workshop by giving introduction about IoT Geeks and MakerSpace community and its purposes to participants.

Sidharth took over the stage and started giving an overview about 3D Printing to the participants. He is a first engineering student and we wanted to give him an exposure to public speaking. Being a first timer he was quite nervous but he will improve through future workshops.

10:30 am: Magesh took over the stage and he gave a detailed explanation on history of 3D Printers and its development over the time. He covered topics like type of 3D Printers, Specifications and makers and more details.

Meanwhile the volunteers split the participants into 4 batches and Magesh started showing first batch people 3D Printer and its parts – he covered steppers motors, x,y.z movements, Micro Controllers, Filaments, Extrude and temperature settings and more.

11:15 am: Everyone break for a tea.

11:45 am: Magesh continued the his session with other 3 batches in person. Participants started designing their CAD model using Fusion 360 Software.

People started downloading CAD files from Thingverse and started playing around with Fusion 360 CAD software.

01:15 pm: Everyone one break for Lunch.

02:15 pm: Participants started installing the Cura software for Slicing and most of them already completed the installation. Magesh was giving an overview about installation steps. Participants started slicing their CAD model using Cura software and playing around it.

02:30 pm: We started Printing in all 3D Printers. First we printed Pen stand also couple of objects shown below . Magesh explained about common issues in slicing and 3D Printing output effect. Participants also started scaling up and down the CAD models for different measurement of slicing and the time require to print the object etc.

04:00 pm: Feedback Session, Gaurav was one of the interactive participants from this workshop who provided feedback – He attended many hands-on workshop in the past, however he felt this one was so great. He also tweeted his experience.

Other feedback from students…

04:30 pm: Core team and volunteers packed up things, we wrapped up for the day.

Our sincere thanks to…

ThoughtWorks India Pvt Ltd is generously supporting our community by offering a wonderful place. Our core team members came together and supported each other to make this event successful. Nipun Kanade – your warm and great support towards our community always greatly appreciated.

Magesh and his volunteers: was instrumental to make this workshop great and informative for everyone. It’s not first time, Magesh and volunteers always rock. Magesh energy and passion towards the MakerSpace community growth and nurturing it further greatly appreciated.

The core team – Sathiyaraj, Sambhav, Abirami, Nirmal for their great support as usual to make this workshop successful. 

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