Cleaner Air – The positive side of Coronavirus Lockdown

Less Travel and Traffic driving lower pollution in Cities

The coronavirus outbreak has put India under one of the biggest lockdown. Though, that puts the country under a big economic challenge it is the only way we can win over the virus.

During lockdown there is one very positive change we have seen that is the CLEAN AIR we are breathing. With highly restricted travel within as well as across cities, nearly 90 cities have record dip in air pollution as on March 24, 2020.

One of the clear reason for decline in pollution levels is less traffic on the city roads which is clearly reflected in the google maps images (Link) of some of the busiest streets of Delhi (NCR).

Can we continue to this trend without harming the country’s economic activity?

The answer to the above question is “YES’’ – To a great extent we can cut down the city pollution, congestion, parking etc.… if we solve this by making a shift towards mobility as a service, which would require a strong, collaborative effort across stakeholders.

In NASSCOM’s report “Making Urban Mobility Sustainable, Seamless and Safe” we looked at a five pronged strategy which could solve for most mobility challenges from focusing on better urban planning, shared and integrated transport system, cleaner ways of transport to supporting ‘future of work’ models (such as WFH and working from nearby shared work spaces, rather than over crowding the already over-priced and congested city centers).

The current scenario where we continue to run critical operations through people working from home is a testimony that if done in a planned model ‘future work models’ combined with integrated mobility could work well across the Indian cities, solving for most of the urban mobility challenges with a positive impact to the economy as well as the environment!!

Read more details on how technology can aid in solving for urban mobility challenges in our report “Making Urban Mobility Sustainable, Seamless and Safe”.

Till the Virus is on the War footing follow the lock down and Stay Safe!!!

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