Smartcity Solution Series: Padharo Udaipur

1. Company name: GLocaL Travel Experiences P Ltd

2. Solution: Padharo Udaipur

3. Tell us about your product/solution in brief. 

The product is web/app based solution to cater 360 deg needs of any visitor who plans or intend to visit the city. The product aims to build TRUST with the visitors to ensure that the visitors have the best holistic & unbiased experience, to get them around in the city. The tool shall help the visitors plan their stay and day, based on the type of places they intend to visit. The visitors can get the tickets to the places, guided tours, vehicles on rent, and more, just by using the app at their hotels or place of stay. Authenticated content and feedback system for improving various aspects of the city, including cleanliness, parking, etc, enables the tourist/visitor to register suggestion/complaints. 

4. Geographic area where your solution is implemented

Currently, the solution is implemented in Udaipur, Rajasthan. And, with this, Udaipur had become the first city to have an end-to-end visitor & tourist management system services, across India, with the launch on 23rd June 2017. Soon, the solution/services would be explored for expansion into other cities.

5. What was the client requirement and objective of the project

Objective: The objective of this project was to bring consolidation in various aspects and needs associated with a visitor when he/she visits a city. And, to focus on TRUST building of the visitor. All this while ensuring that the actual potential of tourism within a city is exploited effectively, for better.

Requirement: To have a single stop solution for all the visitor needs, that ensures that the visitors can TRUST on the visitors

6. Give details of your solution, implementation and its impact

The solution is a web plus mobile platform offering holistic information and services to the visitors/tourists coming to the city. It ranges from necessity aspects (like fuel, money, administration, health etc) to experience (guides, tours, places, food) to community (volunteering) to sharing your stories and feedbacks for administration and others to improve experiences.

Also, the solution aims to build the supply side while connecting the users to trustworthy and reliable experience services.

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