The Pitch: CivilCops, Smart Grievance Resolution

There has been a lot of push in India toward smart cities. We are talking to different #smartcity stakeholders to understand how much work is done on the ground. We are also talking to startups to understand what is the scope for innovation and implementation in this segment. Here we are in talks with the co-founder   of Civilcops. 

  1. Tell us about CivilCops. How does it work?

We started CivilCops, with a basic idea of helping citizens report civic and social issues. The idea evolved over time, and now we build mobile and web soft wares for civic-issue identification, resolution and analytics. The citizens have access to various mobile tools, that they can use to submit grievances, and the authorities can aggregate, resolve and analyse them, all in real time.


  1. Where has your solution been implemented? Give us a few examples.

We started to work with the Government of Delhi (Public Grievance Management System, CMO), then we tried to look into more specific authorities and use cases. Recently, we were invested in, by Smart Dubai and StartupBootCamp SmartCity, Dubai and now are planning to run projects with Roads & Transport Authority, Dubai & Dubai Airport Free zone Authority.


  1. How are issues reported resolved? Any success stories to share?

One of our most important KPIs is the number of resolved complaints, and so our products are designed to bring in faster resolution. Our management systems are decentralised, built-in with features enabling transparency.  Last year, when Delhi was grappling for fresh air, our ChatBot helped people resolve over a 100 complaints in just a week.


  1. Given the adoption gap both on public and government side, what is the scope in India?

The governments are designed hierarchically in a way, that approvals and implementation take time. Governments are never agile, anywhere around the world. However, we have received great feedback from the authorities in India, we have worked with and so, I think with the digitisation of governance, there is going to be a gradual & constant shift towards e-initiatives like these.

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