AI Platforms – Next Frontier for Indian IT Services

An AI Platform is a collection of open source products, cognitive technologies and proprietary capabilities that allow building, deploying and operationalizing analytical workflows and intelligent solutions. The objective of this report is to demystify AI Platforms and share case studies on AI Platforms offered by Indian IT Services companies. This report has been developed through a comprehensive study of eight AI Platforms that are being offered by key Indian IT Services companies

Key Highlights
1. Demystifying AI Platforms

  •  AI Platforms transform AI from being a series of finite point solutions to an enterprise capability, tailored and deployed to meet varied business requirements
  • AI platforms help accelerate life cycle of enterprise AI projects by providing a structured yet flexible way to create AI-powered solutions
  •  AI Platforms are typically organized in five logical layers
     Data & Integration Layer
     Experimentation Layer
     Operations & Deployment Layer
     Intelligence Layer
     Experience Layer

2. Advantages of AI Platforms

  • AI Platforms offer plug and play, reusable and customizable AI models to accelerate enterprise use case adoption
  • AI platforms bring-in cognitive capabilities to existing AI, IT and enterprise systems to deliver
     Improved employee efficiency and productivity
     Enhanced customer experience
     Improved accuracy of existing systems
     Cost optimization

3. AI Platforms – Indian IT Services Landscape

  •  AI platforms offered by Indian Services companies have come a long way, and are catching up with the global counterparts in terms of AI complexity and enterprise-wide deployment
  • Indian technology companies exhibit strong AI capabilities and over the years have developed full-stack of AI Platforms, catering to over 500 clients across 15+ sectors

4. Way Forward

  • Stronger collaborations are required among stakeholders, including clients, to offer standardized and interoperable solutions that are built on open standards
  • AI platforms should be able to address elements of bias and ethics within the platforms, adhere to governance, risk and compliance



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