Applications of HRTECH

So before I speak about HR Tech, Let us know, what is HR ?

I remind someone quoting that HR is all AIR . It means Acquiring talent, Inspiring talent and Retaining talent. Now performing all these tasks using technology is called HR Tech.

1. The very first application of HR tech can be using Facial Recognition Cameras for marking attendance. It will solve two purpose, one that an employee can’t fake his/her attendance and the second most important thing, the camera can read the face of an employee and predict the behavioral pattern of employees and that can be used by HR department to analyze the organization’s health and it will also help in bringing down the attrition rate of the company. Chennai based, RamcoGEEK, Ramco’s facial recognition-based time and attendance (T&A) system, captures an employee’s identity at lightning speed and instantly recording his or her attendance.

2. The other application can help HR department to do the Sentiment Analysis of an employee by using various sentiment analysis tools. This can be used to get the positive, negative or neutral opinion of an employee on various sensitive issues that they are engaged on their various social media accounts. Also, sentiment analysis gives an idea of how the employees feel about the organization and not what they say in appraisal or feedback forms. What employees talk in their social circle tends to be more honest and accurate than any direct feedback we could get from them. It also helps the HR people to see if their employees are engaged with or negatively commenting on any religious or political issue that can have a negative impact on the image of the organization.

3. Now the main issue that HR department face today is to acquire a right kind of talent in minimum time. Technology will help recruiters to find the right talent. The company gets lot of resume after the job is being published on various platforms. So to filter out the Cv’s according to Job description can be done through the analyzing software. Most companies use a resume-filtering module that scans and grades resumes, with points given for each match in keywords and terms between a resume and a job posting. This will help HR department to reduce their time in hiring talent and can make up that time in doing the overall development of the employee.

There are many more technologies that can help HR department. The one thing I want to mention is that Humans and Technology goes hand in hand. This is always said that technology will take up the HR job which is totally wrong. The jobs will be there , the only difference will be that the Job roles will change.

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