Curating a big data pitch to achieve a ‘Single Source of Truth’

If you follow Cricket, you must be already aware that curating a pitch to your advantage can help you win a Cricket game. Similarly, creating a Hadoop-based big data pitch can help your enterprise get your data act together.

Creating a centralized data lake with a modern Hadoop-based big data architecture is like preparing a Cricket pitch where, depending on your business requirement, you can perform advanced analytics or data science solutions. I see this process similar to curating a Cricket pitch to play the format of your choice – T20 or a One-Day game.

The gap that bleeds enterprises

Often, when you contact a bank once for opening an account, you still get multiple calls from their sales representatives who have no clue that you are already in touch with their colleagues. This is a glaring example of how the lack of a unified or centralized system can create a negative customer experience.

From getting bill payment reminders even after you have paid your bill to your frequented airline not having information about your preference or flying status, examples of how information gap bleeds enterprises are plenty.

Most businesses do not have a consolidated data to help them understand the customers and address their pain points. Even with a large amount of data readily available, thanks to social media and IoT, enterprises fail to tap potential business opportunities and steer them to their benefit.

Most organizations operate in silos with the lowest level of maturity where one department doesn’t know about another. Lack of technical skills, higher costs, and time stand in the way of bringing it all together, which deters most enterprises from harnessing the real promise of big data.

Taking uninformed decisions without having a unified view of the data (unified logical data model) and insights is a concern for many large-scale organizations. This is crucial, and enterprises need to act on it immediately. Drawing reference from a Cricket game, it is like a blindfolded batsman not giving himself the best chance of making the right contact with the ball to execute a good hit.

The good news

It’s time for enterprises to stop being blindfolded. Big data experts are making technology accelerators available to enable enterprises achieve a ‘single source of truth.’ These accelerators transform traditional systems like Teradata, Netezza, Oracles, Ab Initio ETL workloads, etc. to a Hadoop-based big data architecture where enterprises can perform various tasks like:

  • Perform real-time streaming analytics with full Data360 coverage

  • Apply various data science techniques (machine learning, deep learning, AI, etc.) to derive valuable

    insights for informed decision making

  • Consume and visualize the data effectively for BI and reporting purposes

With Hadoop-based big data architecture, enterprises will have the power to understand their customers, streamline their business, optimize their product, and enhance their brand.

At Impetus Technologies, we are addressing this gap that exists across organizations, particularly the larger ones who are far from having a ‘Single Source of Truth’ – a unified view of data to consume all information across the enterprise.

We partner with Fortune 100 customers, creating powerful and intelligent enterprises through deep data awareness, data intelligence, and data analytics.


About the Author:

Yogesh Golwalkar is an Indian Cricketer having played for India-A, IPL, Middlesex CCC UK, and First-Class Cricket (Irani Trophy, Ranji Trophy etc.) for several years. He has extensive work experience in Banking (India and UK) and IT sector as well.

At Impetus Technologies, Yogesh is responsible for Customer Success and Business Growth in the APAC region.

Yogesh holds a computer science degree and an MBA from the University of Bradford School of Management UK.

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