How Big Data Analytics Empowers Healthcare Industry?

Big data analytics in healthcare industry is a combination of clinical innovation and technology. In fact, healthcare businesses are facing difficulties to manage a large amount of data over soft or hard copy formats. So the current trend Big Data Analytics favours such organizations. This technique supports a wide range of healthcare operations to improve services and manage problems in the healthcare sector. 

Big data analytics vendors in USA and world-wide require to perfectly implement big data strategy to generate actionable insights, organize their future vision, improve the outcomes and reduce time to value. So this approach is helpful to provide insightful information to healthcare enterprises regarding their management, planning and the measurements.


Benefits of data analytics for the following fields in healthcare industries:

Data analytics helps improve the care, save patient’s life and lower the cost of health facilities offered.

Public Health:

By doing analysis on disease types and patterns and some other factors about disease, public health issues can be improved with analytics approach. Large amounts of data helps determine the requirements, services and also helps predict and prevent the future problems to benefit the people.

Electronic Medical Record or EMR: 

An EMR contains both structured and unstructured standard medical data. It helps predict patient’s problem and provide effective care by EMR medical data that can be evaluated with data analytic approach.

Patient Profile Analytics:

Patient profile analytics used to identify individuals who could take advantage from positive approach. This may include lifestyle changes.

Fraud Analysis: 

This data analytics approach helps identify and analyze a large number of claim requests to reduce the fraud cases.

Safety Monitoring:

This Data Analytics approach helps in the safety monitoring and we can also identify hazardous things that may happen in the future. And it can also be used to analyze a huge volume of brisk data in hospitals in real time.

Big data also helps reduce administrative costs, maintain the better care coordination in hospital systems and enhance the way clinicians make decisions about their patients.

Why Data Analytics used in Healthcare?

Data analysis techniques have the capability to capture, process, distribute and manage the analysis in specific form that makes it easy to get information. With data analytics techniques, a vast amount of patient-related health data is analyzed in a better way to get a better understanding of outcomes, which may be applied at the point of care for better facilities.

Data analytics technique provides facility for different healthcare organizations ranging from individual physician to large healthcare organizations. The technique can be used:

  • To find specific individual and population health issues
  • To enable fraud management in an effective way
  • For determining affordable ways to diagnose and treat patients
  • To bring out effective R&D methods for the drugs and devices
  • New treatments that are introduced to the market


The most important thing to use big data analytics technologies in healthcare industries is giving the best treatment with the right care at the proper time by the best provider, which will result in cost and time effective solution.


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