AgroBlock–Transforming Agro Businesses with Blockchain & AI

AgroBlock !!! a combination of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain components to enable circular economy in agriculture.

The overarching vision of agroblock is to play a role in enabling a stronger economic cooperation between the various players in the Agri sector by helping agro-businesses to leverage the emerging technologies around Blockchain, AI and IoT.

Through a set of plug-n-play technology components, Agroblock wants to bridge the gap of reliability, knowledge, and trust among the various entities involved in the agricultural supply chain. These are the three cornerstones of this solution and the aim is to build a circular economy which can mutually benefit the growers and consumers, as well as the intermediaries involved in the system.  

As agriculture constitutes 52% of the worlds’ economy, we believe that by streamlining the processes through this circular economy, we will be able to create a better, transparent and a more sustainable world for our future generations.

Key Features of Agroblock

Reliability: Agroblock’s hardware component enables data logging and testing of soil samples to help growers with soil quality assessment. For consumers, it offers a ready to deploy IoT solution to track the storage and handling conditions of the agricultural produce along the various transit points in the supply chain.

Knowledge: At the heart of Agroblock is an MIS which maintains a database of the most important and dynamically changing parameters impacting the agricultural supply chain. This includes, but is not limited to, soil health & quality metrics (at micronutrient level), crop yield & market pricing info. Agroblock’s AI engine can combine this data with macro-level parameters from environmental and geological data to provide knowledge services such as automated soil healthcare, crop advisory & price predictions.    

Trust: Trust encompasses every business transaction and Agroblock has it embedded at the core of its offering. Thanks to the advancement in Blockchain, smart contract, and distributed ledger system, Agroblock builds upon these emerging technologies to establish a trustworthy system. Agroblock enables a complete decentralized and transparent system for the agro supply chain based on four pillars of an efficient supply chain process.

 – Secured Transaction

 – Instant Reconciliation

 – Quick Dispute Resolution

 – Audit Trail

We now need your support to further strengthen our product line around the three components and productize the solution.

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