Emerging Technologies: Leading the Technology IP Creation Bandwagon for India


“Emerging Technologies: Leading the Technology IP Creation Bandwagon for India” provides an understanding to accomplish an understanding of the patent landscape filed by India domiciled* companies in the US across domain areas, with a deep dive on technology patents.

This report marks a follow-up on our first report “Emerging Technologies: Leading the next wave of IP Creation for India” launched last year to understand how Indian technology companies are creating IP assets in their largest market, and we used Patents as the benchmark to track the shift.

Key highlights for this year’s report includes:

  • Thrust on IP creation magnifies:
    • ~ 6500 patents were filed in the US by India domiciled companies during the period 2015 -2019, an increase of over 40% over from 2015-2018
  • Technology patents continue to show majority:
    • The share of technology patents in total patents filed in the US increased to ~60% in 2015-2019, a gain of 10% in the share over 2015
  • ~50% of the technology patents filed have been granted
    • Indian companies continue to lead the diverse set of Assignee
    • Indian companies and start-ups filed over 60% of the technology patents
    • While international companies accounted for 23%;
    • Research and academic institutes and independent inventors accounted for the balance
  • The share of emerging technologies continue to grow in technology patents to reach ~60% in 2018/19
    • Artificial Intelligence accounted for majority number of patents while Cloud Computing took the top spot in terms of growth
  • Software Applications and Healthcare and Medical Devices continue to lead with majority share of patents filed:
    • New age applications areas such as Logistics, Text/Data Mining, Gaming, Consumer Electronics and Vehicle technology lead the technology patent growth story
  • Indian Start-ups continue to show increased focus on IP creation:
    • Filed over 280 patents technology patents during 2015-2019, an increase from ~200 patents in 2015-2018 period
    • Filed maximum patents in the area of Healthcare and Medical Devices during 2015-19






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  1. Good to see India paddling up in filling technology patents… (Y)

  2. Great Report. Good to see India’s role in Tech Patents

  3. Thanks Sumit and Shivani!

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