Building Management Revolution in the Age of IoT

When one talks about the various ways in which technology has managed to shape our world over time, then it must be said that the Internet of Things is undoubtedly one of the most prominent forms of technology that has moulded the modern world as we know it. The sheer volume of applications when it comes to this particular form of technology simply cannot be stated enough, and – to top it all – it has proven to be universally viable, no matter what the scale of its application might be. From a personal domicile to an entire industry – through the judicious use of the industrial Internet of Things – there’s no end to the total number of ways in which this technology will affect our lives over time.


One significant manner in which this technology will affect the current landscape by facilitating an unprecedented level of network connectivity is building management – a form of technology that has grown immensely in prominence due to the increasingly sprawling urban landscape, and a pressing need to ensure that these buildings are monitored efficiently. This boom in the prominence of a Building Management System or BMS (also known as a Building Automation System or BAS) is mainly because, no matter what the scale of application is, BMS technology is still useful for many reasons.

In the context of homes: The advent of IoT technology has proven to be quite helpful in more ways than one. After all, the fact of the matter is that human needs are always growing, and it’s imperative to adopt the latest technology that will help improve one’s Quality of Life at home. Home control is perhaps the best way to illustrate this point – smart home automation has gone a long way in ensuring that the degree of control one has over their domicile is improved to a considerable extent. This technology allows you to control multiple aspects of your household with relative ease. If that wasn’t good enough, smart home automation also adapts to your daily routine over time, so that it can optimise your lifestyle. There is no end to the sheer number of benefits enabled by this technology, which is mainly why this technology is seeing greater prominence in today’s day-and-age.

  • In the context of factories: It’s evident that any industrial venture would require network connectivity at all times to mitigate the possibility of any errors. This is especially true for the manufacturing sector, where the industrial Internet of Things has proven to be imperative when it comes to making sure that little to no problems arise during the production process. It’s easy to see why this is the case – after all, any manufacturing defect that arises needs to be pointed out as soon as possible, so that a comparatively small issue doesn’t lead to significant problems for your business. However, that’s just a small manner in which IoT technology has affected these factories – building management will also help ensure that the machinery utilised in a factory will be tracked continuously at all times, while also seeing to it that any faults that have arisen or might arise can be corrected as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the many ways in which building management will revolutionise the modern landscape in the booming age of the Internet of Things, and we haven’t even touched upon the huge possibilities enabled through IoT technology. KNX is also another protocol enabled through IoT that will help improve network connectivity and augment building management by a considerable amount. One can only wait and watch as this technology continues to shape how we go about with our daily lives.

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  2. Further such building information management tools are used to create the digital twin – digital replica of physical assets, processes and systems that can be used for various purposes.

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