IoT Geeks – Sep 2016: Robot building workshop highlights

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It was a 23rd workshop from IoT Geeks in last two years and 4th consecutive workshop at ThoughtWorks office in chennai. This time we did teach students and professionals about building robots and informed entrepreneurs about it the emerging technology. Also inspired everyone with great keynotes from industry leaders. IoT Geeks community is a non-profit movement and we look forward great like-minded sponsors supporting us around.

Day#01 – September 17, Saturday

It was 10:00 – am, the core team members & volunteering team assembled at IoT Geeks Lab in Pallikaranani. Together, they have spent great amount of time and energy to make all the kits ready for next day workshop. Almost after spending 6 hours, the team made the 24 kits lined up, 3 versions of line follower robot done, planned the agenda, divided the work and assigned among core and volunteers teams. All set for the next big day!

Day#02 – September 18, Sunday

We opened the door at ThoughtWorks at 9:00 in the morning and registration started around

9:30 am – The participants, organizing teams, volunteering teams and Speakers arrived by the time. Core members & Volunteers teams had a quick meeting about role and responsibilities for this event. They formed a volunteering team among them.

10:30 am – Nipun who is the co-organizer & Software consultant at ThoughtWorks kicked-off the event by giving brief history about how IoT Geeks evolvement over the period of time and the objectives of the community (refer meetup “About” section for more info

10:40 am – After Nipun intro, Ravishankar Palaniappan (Technology Leader @ Cognizant) who is the first keynote speaker took a stage and opened up “IoT Startup & Survival rules” Ravishankar has a great amount IoT experience from the earlier startup he worked and key provided lot of insights. – IoT Geeks September 2016 Robotics IoT Workshop – Part 1 – YouTube

11:45 am – Balaji Viswanathan who is the founder of Invento made his 15 minute speech about Makerspace and IoT movement. It was a bliss to hear Balaji’s insights and he is a great contributor in Quora. IoT Geeks September 2016 Robotics Workshop – Part2 – YouTube 

12:00 pm – Everyone took a little break for Networking & Tea.

12:15 pm – We resumed again and one of our volunteering team member shown the drone POC built for solving agriculture problems.

12:15 pm – Sree Rathna Lakshmi who is the professor, who took an energetic theory session “An Introduction Arduino Board” meanwhile the team also distributed the required Arduino libraries to the participants for hands-on

01:00 pm – Everyone did break for Lunch

1:45 pm – The Line-follower robot building exercise began and Magesh started the presentation on building robots. The teams actively participated in the works and did the demo at the end and it was fun learning.  IoT Geeks September 2016 Robotics Workshop – Part 3 – YouTube 

IoT Geeks September 2016 Robotics Workshop – Line Follower Demo – 1 – YouTube

4:30 pm – Dorai Thodla who is the founder of iMorph Pvt Ltd did an unconference sessions with participants in IoT topic there were great topics like 1) After prototyping a product, how can we manufacture in a small number of units? 2) Regulatory bodies for IOT session 3) Drip irrigation 4) Micro Farming 5) precision farming etc. . Watch his speech here. IoT Geeks September 2016 Robotics Workshop – Part 4 – YouTube

We had a twitter hastag contest for IoT Geeks and the person who bagged the Rs.1000 from Dorai

5:30 pm – One more time great workshop and everyone wrapped up for the day


Follow entire event update check out here –

IoT Geeks core team members articles about this event:

Karan Ganesan –

Bhavani Ravi –

Our sincere thanks to…

ThoughtWorks India Pvt Ltd is generously supporting our community by offering a wonderful place. Our core team members came together and supported each other to make this event successful. Nipun Kanade – your warm and great support towards our community always greatly appreciated.

IoT Geeks women’s core team – Meyyammai, Subashree, Pavithra, Bhavani Ravi, Buvana Sudhakar. We want to empower women in tech. Bhavani and Buvana will help organize future workshops for girls in schools and colleges.

Inspiring Leaders, Ravishankar, Balaji and Dorai for your great keynote on IoT Start-up, Makerspace and IoT Unconference sessions. We welcome you to be a mentor for IoT Geeks forever

Magesh Jayakumar and his volunteering team from Agni College. Magesh and team was instrumental to make last two workshops great and useful for everyone. Magesh is also IoT Geeks core team and his energy and passion towards the community growth and nurturing it further greatly appreciated.

Sree Rathna Lakshmi professor ECE, Agni College by covering “An Introduction Arduino Board” theory session to the entire audience before the hands-on.

Sathiyaraj, who is co-organizer of IoT Geeks. His leadership helps to taking IoT Geeks team forward. He won’t be in front of the camera but who is always behind it and running the show! by coordinating with everyone around.

Sureshkumar Sabapathi, Karan Ganesan – by live coverage of this workshop with your mobile and camera. It helped to archive sweet memories

Rest of our Core team who made this event successful by their great support always – Abinash Sahu, Narendra Santhosh Nagarajan, Nirmal GL, Sambhav Jain, Sampath Kumar, Santosh Eswaran, Süresh AK, Vibhor Agarval

Here is some photos from the event.

For more photos! checkout here.

Stay Tuned, We will have more updates from next workshop!

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