NASSCOM CoE’s Manufacturing Innovation Challenge 2020: What innovation & collaboration looks like in 2020

The past five months have been a learning like no other. Every business, small or big, has been compelled to think out of the box to ensure their own survival. Specifically, the chatter around Industry 4.0 and building the factory of the future has sped up to become a decisive issue among industries today that determines their sustenance in the future. Pivoting to a digital-first strategy is imperative and the sooner companies adopt a digital-first strategy, the better off they are.

Now this is easier said than done, of course. Industry leaders have a plethora of use cases, and are constantly on the lookout for solution providers. Meanwhile, tech startups today are highly competent and are working on a suite of digital solutions that are agile and scalable. However, they seek data and an opportunity to scale. What both sides require is a conduit that can connect them, so they can explore how they can complement one another.

NASSCOM CoE presents the Manufacturing Innovation Challenge 2020, a premier platform fostering the collaboration of industry leaders & startups to bring about a digital shift. Quick implementations of innovative solutions has become the need of the hour, and deeply collaborative models are going to be the new trend in industries. Enterprises are adopting such readymade platforms to catalyse their digital transformation journey. In partnership with Industry, the core team at NASSCOM CoE driving innovation in manufacturing is offering a rare opportunity for startups.

In conjunction with industry, three use cases have been shortlisted for this programme:

  • Workers health and safety – Solution to promote safety of workers in large plants by enabling physical location tracking , health vitals monitoring , hazardous area alerts, fall /immobility detection , emergency SOS, etc for workers
  • Predictive maintenance of high value assets – Predicting failure within a given time window, of operating equipment in manufacturing plant, in the challenging scenario of complex sequential dependencies between the equipment.
  • 360° Virtual Tour of plant – A 360° site virtual tour for providing a unique and exciting experience of site walk around, without having a physical tour to the huge site of many acres, which will also prevents the physical site visit of outsiders into the site

Startups are encouraged to solve any of these challenges by submitting a proposal. The strongest contender gets an opportunity to work on a remunerative Proof of Concept with an industry leader and  a one-year membership to the NASSCOM CoE Acceleration Program.

It’s exciting to have senior industry leaders from large manufacturing companies and academia coming forward to support the MIC2020. Considering this challenge will attract best of the start-ups from country and to ensure there is comprehensive evaluation process.”

  • Amit Saluja, Sr Director & Vertical Head, Manufacturing, NASSCOM CoE  


NASSCOM has assembled a strong panel of experts from diverse background as its main jury:


In addition, a panel of mentors have been assembled too – these include a cross section of academia and industry members, who can advise start-ups on any technical challenges, feasibility of the solution and bringing in innovation element in the proposal.


The last date to apply for startups is July 29th, 2020. Register Now –

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