NASSCOM Report from CEATEC, Japan


Happy to share a brief about our CEATEC, Tokyo conference participation last week. CEATEC is Asia’s largest IOT conference that attracts over 150K visitors each year. This edition was special as we had India showcase at CEATEC where 27 companies from India participated. 10 Indian startup companies that got free pass to attend conference with all travel related expenses paid for (these were selected from 92 nominations). And 17 Indian companies that paid to be part of India showcase.


  • India’s showcase with 27 companies was largest from foreign countries at CEATEC this year
  • Opening ceremony saw METI and Home Minister of Japan make mention of India show case at this year’s event
  • During this ceremony they invited Indian Ambassador to be on stage for a commemorative photo with the Ministers
  • This ceremony was attended by CxO’s of Honda, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and many other Japanese giants
  • Ceremony had Hindi translation on the live screen besides English – which I think was very good gesture and huge boost for India at this high stage
  • We did a India day on 4th Oct that saw opening ceremony where H.E. Indian Ambassador to Japan made the speech along with Chairman Panasonic and Director General (DG), METI
    • DG METI was wonderfully articulate about Japanese hardware and Indian Software marriage – a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ ; he spoke from heart and was the star


  • A special roundtable where Indian companies sat with Japanese companies discussing partnership opportunities with Society 5.0 initiative from Japan
    • Session was moderated by Mckinsey, Japan
    • Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM), Indian Embassy in Japan also participated and spoke at the event
  • India showcase:
    • We had Bosch and NEC India also part of India showcase adding foreign element to India story
    • Feedback and interest from participating companies was very good some reporting very nice foot fall and good leads ; some companies reported more than 200+ footfalls
  • Networking dinner hosted by CEATEC ; India showcase was a star at the event
  • Media interest was very high with one Nikkei business paper publishing a full page story about India show case that is extremely reputed and well-read paper ; with many other online stories


Our main aim from this participation was to break the stereotype associated with the industry as a low cost supplier of  human bodies to the west. And, I think it turned out to be a very wise decision on that count as it promoted Indian IT to be at a centre stage in Japan biggest show’s in tech with CxO & Chairman level people in attendance. For a change it felt nice to be part of Indian IT in Japan last week.

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