GICs: The Agile Way of Thinking

The storied success of the sector is one of radical shift, from the early days of “cost centres” to now evolve as fully matured CoEs with strategic importance. To adapt quickly during this remarkable journey, the whole idea of Developing Business Agility came about. It was inevitable.

Evolution and what it entails:

  • Value Creation
  • Multifunction Centre
  • Scale at the core
  • Development of Centres of Excellence
  • Strengthening ecosystem connects

This is how we do it – the Agile Way:


Do you agree?

Org structures too have undergone major shifts (arguably in three stages) and eventually adapted to the agile way of thinking. If the first phase was characterized by single function centres with local governance and low levels of maturity, then in Phase 2, though the model had evolved to being multi-functional, yet, governance structure still remained vertical. It is only in Phase 3, that Multi-function centres were set up to mark high maturity levels with global governance structure in place delivering value through distributed agile teams. The growing ask of complete accountability, business impact increasingly gained significance in this model.

Agile is a way of thinking as much as it is a tool which comes equipped with other digital technologies like Devops, AI, RPA and of course, the SMAC suite. The “Agile Way” if it may be termed that, is a focus area for the NASSCOM GIC Council. The intent is to build a strong platform which can be leveraged to share best practices. We also expect international consultants, to share the platform and provide insights from a global and far-reaching standpoint.

Tell us more what we can do in this space.

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