SME Excusive Market Development to UK

Despite continued uncertainty due to Brexit, U.K. remains the 2nd largest market for Indian IT Industry. All major Indian IT companies have a significant presence in the U.K. and contributing to the British economy. However, it is also the market where the SMEs struggle to find the right base, an appropriate landing point and cater to suitable market opportunities. With the intent to provide a fillip to the market development efforts of SMEs,NASSCOM’s 1st exclusive SME Program to UK was organised. The program has following key pillars of engagement:

  1. Coincided with the London Tech Week, having 300+ events and close to 50,000+ attendees from 90 different countries.
  2. Handpicked Sessions at the LTW in areas such as Market entry, Setting up, Scaling up and Capital Raising in the UK, Sectoral opportunities in Fintech, Healthcare, Smart cities, Ecommerce, Tech centric sessions like Cloud & Dev-ops, Cyber security, AR/VR, AI/ML, IOT
  3. Multiple networking opportunities and receptions facilitating meetups with key stakeholders
  4. A day’s visit to Manchester to understand Tech opportunities, Government support in terms of setting up and incubation, understanding from those who have scaled up and related networking opportunities with the local ecosystem.


Program Highlights

Setting and Scaling up in UK: How to setup and Grow a tech business in the UK, Funding and Partnership opportunities, Networks and Incubation spaces, Visa and compliance related issues. Last but not the least, hearing from successful Founders & CEOs. Relevant session were picked up in LTW and an Exclusive interaction organized by Grant Thornton for NASSCOM participants.

Sectoral Opportunities : Opportunities in Fintech, Healthcare, Smart cities, Ecommerce, Tech centric sessions like Cloud & Dev-ops, Cyber security, AR/VR, AI/ML, IOT, Capital Raising For Tech Companies, Future of selling using technology and data analytics were handpicked from the London Tech Week

Going beyond London: Under the aegis of “Manchester India Partnership” a day’s visit to   Manchester was organized to explore possibilities beyond London. A well received program having B2Bs with Ecommerce companies like AO and N Brown demonstrating intent to work with Start-ups/SMEs, affordable incubation ease of settingup and networking with local business community.

Networking opportunities & Receptions: A series of exclusive networking opportunities and receptions were made available to NASSCOM participants by DIT ( Department of International Trade ) and MIDAS ( Manchester’s Inward Investment Agency)


Impact & Positive Outcome

  • Two of the participants, Eminenture & XenonStack , decided to open offices in UK and are in advanced stages of discussions with Department of International Trade, UK.
  • ZOHO, met Introhive that can potentially be major partner for them globally during one of the sessions hosted in the London Stock Exchange visit.
  • Intelli Ai Trillion Technologies, made connects with couple of VC’s & accelerators with interest in their products.
  • BIGDATABEES CONSULTING SERVICES LLP possibly made the maximum connects and also pitched his idea to the head of London police, who gave him 2 mins initially but ended up spending 30+ minutes.
  • All most all participants reported making many good connects with potential investors and partners in London. These will be pursued respectively.
  • Manchester – This was an eye opener for the kind of opportunities an SME could look at in terms of setting up and doing business beyond “London”

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