Manufacturing Under Lockdown: Adapting To A New Normal Of Facial Recognition-Driven Attendance

COVID19 hit us in full force by early March. Based on news reports and findings by researchers, it became evident that this virus can spread and multiply rapidly in many ways. While it is relatively simpler to isolate infected individuals, the worldwide fight against COVID19 became a notch tougher due to this virus’ adaptability to attach to surfaces like metal and plastic.

There is a very high likelihood of COVID19 having spread so rapidly across the world due to its propensity to stick to surfaces, which necessitated the use of sanitisers and to wash hands vigourously upon touching foreign surfaces. Already, the Union Govt has issued a Personnel Ministry order, exempting all employees from marking their attendance using biometric scanner and urging them to manually register attendance. Moreover, with the lockdown likely to extend beyond April 14th, India’s corporate workforce is looking at a longer WFH arrangement and leading employers to depute technologies that could keep a track of their employees during work hours.

It’s only a matter of time that this become the new norm, and this is an opportunity for companies like Indoytics.

Indolytics focuses on Analytics & Machine Learning, leveraging Big Data Analytics and IoT based Indoor Positioning Systems. They assist enterprises and institutes take informed decisions by driving predictive analytics- based decisions. Some of their flagship products include Faceometrics, SchoolCop and Evacuation Response System.


This is a Mobile app-based Touch-Free Attendance solution that allows employees to follow the ‘Not To Touch’ rule. It enables one to mark attendance from anywhere, including one’s home or office by simply scanning one’s face from a smartphone.

Some of the features include:

  • Simple & Remote On-Boarding Process
  • Touch-free attendance from Anywhere (Home Or Office)
  • Mobile App-Based Solution (Android & iOS)
  • Visibility of Team member availability at Manager Level
  • Payroll & HRMS Seamless Integration via API

Faceometrics is built on strong AI backend of Tensorflow, Python and Amazon AWS on the cloud server side and native iOS and Android application. It is 100% cloud based solution which can be even implemented on premises with no 3rd party dependency.

“We at Indolytics cant solve all problems, but we can definitely help facilitate contact-less interactions across the industries ranging from Employees Biometric Attendance to Visitor Registration. ‘Do Not Touch is the new normal. With intent of helping organizations to minimize touch points like Fingerprint Readers and Visitor Registers, we are making Faceometrics Free for next three months. We are doing our bit to fight this pandemic.”

Ankit Dave, Cofounder, Indolytics


See how the solution works in this demo video:

Ankit Dave will be talking about his product Faceometrics and how technology can aid business process continuity in the time of COVID19 in this webinar Manufacturing Under Lockdown on Apr 14, 2020. Register Now

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