Infosys launches Blockchain-Powered Distributed Applications for Government Services, Insurance, and Supply Chain Management Domains

Infosys announced the launch of three blockchain-powered distributed applications for government services, insurance, and supply chain management domains.  These applications, designed as ready-to-subscribe business networks, ensure quick deployment, interoperability across disparate systems of value chain stakeholders and a wide variety of use cases involving other digital technologies like IoT and Analytics as well.

Infosys’ Blockchain Distributed Applications are equipped with predictive ROI analytics for business investments that can be tailored to meet numerous industry-specific needs.  Enterprises can capitalize on blockchain’s benefits of trust, immutability, and transparency to develop an inter-organizational conduit for strengthening their core business processes across multiple value chain partners having disparate IT systems.

The strengths of Infosys’ three blockchain-powered distributed applications are acknowledged below:

  • Infosys Supply Chain Distributed Application leverages the Infosys Blockchain platform to offer robust solutions for a plethora of inbound/outbound logistics and distribution activities.  The application can be seamlessly integrated with the existing systems and IoT devices while ensuring round-the-clock transaction security between various stakeholders within a supply chain.
  • Infosys Government Services Distributed Application enables various government organizations to establish inter-departmental interaction – collaboration, data sharing, network transparency, and defined workflows – to fulfill citizen-centric service requests, through a single window.
  • Infosys Insurance Distributed Application is designed to aid insurance companies in the areas of policy administration, claims handling, multiparty negotiation, usage-based policy pricing, and parametric insurance activities.  This modular, scalable, and customizable application can be seamlessly integrated with the existing enterprise systems and IoT networks.

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