5 Key Takeaways from the AI Roundtable

NASSCOM Product Connect hosted an AI Roundtable in Gurgaon on the theme of `AI-Platform Play’. An engaging discussion with a diverse group of stakeholders – startups, VCs, accelerators, industry leaders, GICs all brainstormed on the impact of AI. My 5 takeaways from the session included:


  1. The best products hide AI under the hood to create a magical user experience. The worst put AI on the label.


  1. Obsession with the problem being solved, great design, tangible value proposition, the discipline of charging for pilots, selling top down. The basics still apply.


  1. The biggest challenge to enterprise AI adoption is data availability, quality and silos.


  1. If selling to enterprise, solve visible problems like process inefficiency, human error & bias, mundane jobs. Most enterprises are not yet ready to adopt AI for transformation.


  1. The biggest constraint to growth of AI product ventures is shortage of Human talent. Learn AI technology to supercharge your career.

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