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Do-It-Yourself On-Site Marketing – WebEngage

Our goal going forward it to become the de facto convergence and funnel improvement company for e-commerce. –Avlesh Singh, CEO WebEngage

All data-driven marketers know their conversion funnel very well. Their mandate is clear. They want to bring thousands of people to their web sites and hike their conversion numbers. However, doing this is a challenge. For even to run an onsite experiment or promotion, they have to go to their development teams. This is a major pain point for them, says Avlesh Singh, CEO, WebEngage.

Recognizing this concern, Avlesh decided to develop a product that he believed would ease the lives of online marketers.

WebEngage has built a simple, yet effective DIY on-site marketing product, something that marketers can use themselves without having to go to their IT teams to push on-site marketing promotions or questionnaires. Our product gives them agility. It makes the marketing team responsible for its own customer messaging. The team can measure it and do what it wants with it. Marketing does not have to be a slave to technology, Avlesh adds.

In his view, WebEngage is democratizing what was earlier thought to be large turnkey projects. Just the ease of doing things yourself can make a phenomenal difference.

We made technology our forte and are possibly the best tech team around. There is a lot of technology being used in our sales, distribution, etc. We have the capability of making live demos online, he informs.

Regarding the key challenges its initial phase, Avlesh says it was explaining what it did and establishing itself as an authority in the onsite marketing space. There was no defined category that really described us or where we fitted. Besides, we had to establish ourselves as the bridge between online consumers and vendors.

During its journey, WebEngage learnt several important lessons, including the difference between selling in India and outside the country. The way you build a sales funnel in India is very different from how you do it for the overseas markets. You have to focus on a solutions-centric approach when selling in India, Avlesh states.

Today, WebEngage is working with India’s leading e-commerce companies including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, HomeShop18, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, etc. and dozens of Rocket Internet ventures globally. This is a strong validation of our success and future ambitions.

Over the next five years WebEngage is looking to reaching half a million customers. We are launching a parallel product for in-app engagement and aggressively building our inside sales funnel to grow in international markets, especially the US, UK and APAC. Our aim is also to enhance our targeting engine so that customers can segment users based on their specific actions and online behaviour, Avlesh adds.

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