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Navi Mumbai-based Ekohealth helps patients become aware about generic brands of medicines through the web and mobile apps, as well as offline support. It helps them save 50 to 80 percent on medicine expenses. Ekohealth empowers patients with relevant price comparisons and quality assurance for the same salt of medicine. It is helpful for un-insurable patients like senior citizens and diabetics who spend around Rs.3,000 on an average on medical expenses. 

The the aim of the solution is to reach over 200 million people, including 50 million senior citizens, 50 million diabetics, 35 million heart patients and 50 million dental patients who are usually not insured for their treatments.

Around 47 percent of patients take loans for medical care, which can be avoided if price competitive information is available to them.

There is  currently no other ethical referral model available for Ekohealth’s offering. There  is no other cost consultant for patients that enables them to reduce care costs by making better, more informed decisions. Mobile and web apps covering all platforms are not available from any other vendor.

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