Embedded systems – Ushering new opportunities

Start-up ecosystem is often described as Young,Innovative, Aspirant and Futuristic. India is home to a new breed of young start-ups; these innovative mind-sets are creating new markets and driving innovation rapidly. This agile, opportunistic segment has impacted the Industry in a unique way.

While till now, most of the Start-ups are focused around high growth areas such as eCommerce, SMAC, and vertical-specific solutions; more recently, we have seen emergence of newer opportunities around Embedded systems, PaaS/ IaaS and variable technology etc.

While Embedded Systems have been ubiquitous, pervasive and touching virtually all aspects of daily life in some way or the other, the availability of newer means of technology has elevated the contribution of Embedded systems by ushering the age of hyper communication / collaboration. From mobile telephones to automobiles, Industrial equipment to high end medical devices, remote monitoring and diagnostics to smart computing, embedded systems now form part of a wide range of devices.

The NASSCOM 10K start-up program has also seen some evidences of innovative offerings in the Embedded space based on the applications received till now. While still at the nascent stage, growing access to advanced systems/ solutions in this space highlights a huge potential in this segment going forward. My latest blog is an attempt to highlight innovation in the Embedded space, with a brief profiling of three such Start-ups:

Yuvera: The physical products we see, touch & interact with, often have their digital alter-ego eg. a webpage, a Youtube video, an API etc. Today the physical to digital transition isn’t easy & often controlled by different intermediaries. Yuvera’s product offering LINQS has made an attempt to an effortless way that allows physical products to reveal their digital identity. It employs Near Field Communication (NFC) chips & QR Codes embedded/affixed to physical products to add digital experiences in them.

Euclideus: People often use a bunch of applications for various processes. To integrate data and processes across these applications is extremely time consuming. The Embedded offering allows one to integrate and automate any number of applications without writing a single line of code.

Uncanny Vision: It is trying to accelerate computer vision algorithms on embedded. The solution is a computer vision library accelerated for Cortex-A ARM processor (present on practically every smart-phone and embedded SOC- System on Chip). It uses algorithm optimizations and ARM SIMD instruction set, Neon, to get performance improvements ranging from 2x to 20x(100% to 1900%).

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