How Pickyourtrail uses machine learning to craft international vacations

Founded in November 2013 by Hari of IIM-B and Srinath of NMIS, Pickyourtrail is India’s leading online travel company that delivers personalized international travel vacations. Based in Chennai, our platform is carving a niche in the travel space and aims to change the way Indian’s travel. A recent study by Google and Boston Consulting Group on Travel Trends 2017 mentioned Pickyourtrail as the benchmark in the online travel industry. Our main USP – personalized travel vacations that can be curated with a high level of granularity without having to spend more. Tailor made to suit the needs of the travellers, Pickyourtrail offers a much-needed respite from the packaged tours.

With over 20 million Indians travelling abroad every year, the travel industry is growing at a swift pace. While there’s an exponential growth in the industry, the core problem remains to be the same. There’s a lack of personalization when it comes to planning a trip and we are forced to choose between one of many pre-created packages and pay up. The worst part is we have to pay for activities which we don’t even want in the first place. This is where Pickyourtrail comes in.

Proprietary algorithm & the ease of usage:

Go to Type the name of the country or the city you want to travel to in the search bar and then click enter. From the list of interests displayed, choose the ones for you. Depending on the destination you entered, Pickyourtrail suggests you with four different duration options. Next up, the matching algorithm takes over and our platform presents you with an array of cities to choose from and every time you select a city, Pickyourtrail uses the routing algorithm to figure out the best possible connection/the most optimal route in terms of cost & the travel time. Everything seems to flow with an ease that you wouldn’t even realize that you are planning the trip of your lifetime.


Partnered with several travel service providers and tour operators like Expedia, Amadeus, Viator, and Tripadvisor, we provide the best possible activities available in each city. The inventory of these activities is constantly updated and customers are constantly given a broader range of options to choose from.

Role of machine learning & the ability to tailor make your vacation:

Post the selection of the cities, you will be presented with the complete itinerary which includes activities based on the interests you chose before, and hotels & activities recommended by Pickyourtrail. The machine learning works so well that it automatically studies the pattern of the customers & their reviews and presents with the most preferred activities & hotels.

But, this isn’t your final itinerary. This is where customization comes into the picture. Add/remove activities, change their timings, add/delete cities, and change hotels. Car rentals are also now a part of the product and you can manually choose the type of car you want. The itinerary is completely flexible and you are free to do anything you want. There’s so much customization available that you will be breathing for air!


By default, the price comparison engine ensures you get everything you asked for at the cheapest possible price, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra. When you have customized the itinerary to your liking, you are all set to book.

The final few steps include you entering the personal details, reviewing the costs, and making the payment. Our robust system along with the booking engine helps in multiple hotel and flight bookings, all in a matter of few minutes.

Voila! Your entire trip to your favourite destination is booked in about 10 minutes.

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