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Ideal Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Kolkata-based Ideal Analytics is an Indo-French technology joint venture, which offers customers best of breed solutions in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

The experience of taking its products from conception, to launch, support and diversification, has enabled Ideal Analytics to take on the challenges of a competitive BI markeplace.

Adding value to business with analytics, the company uses Ideal-Analytics, its BI tool to glean information and therefore knowledge, from raw data. The product blends self-service and real-time, on-demand ad-hoc analysis and a high-performance exploration functionality with features such as plug-and-play, scalability and security that are available in both SaaS  and on-premise models.

Ideal-Analytics helps enterprises continually fine tune different business parameters for more efficient and optimised operations by identifying different retarding factors as well as conducting hypothetical prediction and forecasting on historical data.

Business users can themselves configure the data-sources, creating interactive views off-the-shelf.  Ideal-Analytics provides fast performance with the help of  columnar storage for quick data retrieval, a unique data exploration technique that minimises data traffic and an in-built query optimisation engine with an ‘intelligent caching window’ mechanism.

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