It’s all about UNIQUENESS in COVID19

It’s all about UNIQUENESS in COVID19

Start-ups with distinctive offering

“Opportunity in Adversity” has been a proven mantra for a long time. But the main point is that this opportunity should be catered tactfully and effectively so that it doesn’t fail. COVID is one of the biggest adversity for human race but at the same time it is also bringing lot of opportunities with it. Now in this huge market and with high competition, what matters is the uniqueness of the solution offered to the customer and some start-ups are exactly doing that. Let’s not talk of funding here and just focus on the uniqueness because good things always has a buyer: Below are some solutions and services which caught my attention because of their uniqueness in some way or the other


  • Edtech has been one of the star sectors in COVID but among all the Edtech firm which are busy in handling rising subscribers, one unique start-up NoSchool came up with a unique $1 course offering for upskilling. A platform that provides 100% practical coaching courses to all college students, professionals and other business communities at $1.


  • India’s lifeline, Agriculture has been substantially hit in COVID due to supply chain halt. Overcrowding of Mandis should be avoided to prevent the spread of virus. So, to help farmers in such a difficult scenario, Agribazaar platform is coming handy for them. It helps farmers and traders to sell their produce quickly through online mandis. Linking 120 FPOs and 200,000 farmers, this startup is like oxygen for India’s lifeline.


  • Women only platform that understands all health issues related to women. A vernacular solution which connects women to healthcare providers with the respective specialties at affordable prices. Such solutions could turn out to be a life savior for many women especially in Tier-2, Tier 3 and rural areas.


  • Mental wellness holds a big importance in current environment with 20% rise in mental illness cases since the country went into the lockdown. Grow, a healthtech startup offers a digital platform for on-demand coaching and virtual therapy.


Other Healthtech start-ups unique solutions:

  • Low cost ICU grade ventilator: Nocca Robotics created ventilator especially to handle COVID 19 patients
  • Robot for disinfecting public spaces: PerSapien created human shaped robot which can sanitize up to 10 sq. km a day using water and electricity
  • UV Sterilization: Log 9 materials to offer a UV disinfection chamber to sterilize object contaminated by COVID 19

Customer Experience & Design

  • Engaging with customer platforms are need of the hour and designing that customer interaction is utmost important. Kubric, a SaaS start-up leverages Artificial Intelligence and automation to help designer increase its efficiency. Platforms help companies to engage audience on platforms with GIFs, memes, video etc.

Uniqueness is the key which not only keeps the business running and growing but also helps the society in one or the other way. What are some of the unique solutions that you have come across during COVID 19? Feel free to share with me



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