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Our vision going forward, is to launch products which are e-mail-centric and tailor made for specific businesses.
–Niraj Ranjan Rout, Founder Grexit

The idea germinated in my mind when I was working in a previous venture, on collaboration projects involving more than 30 people. The challenge was managing the tasks assigned to each one of us and collaborating over e-mail. We tried to adopt dedicated collaboration tools, but there was an inertia to move out of e-mail, says Niraj Ranjan Rout.

For Niraj, this seemingly simple idea-of improving the most ubiquitous business tool, e-mail-was the starting point for his own venture Grexit, which was set up in mid-2011. We decided to make e-mail better, taking  it beyond simple transactional communication and making it fit for solving business problems like customer support, sales management and team collaboration, Niraj adds.

With Grexit, customers  do not need to abandon their e-mail.  We let users stay inside their e-mail, and still be super-productive. Our key value proposition is that we are e-mail-centric, and do not require customers to learn anything new. We have also built a lot of complex technology to enable workflows on top of e-mails, which will scale to millions of users, he adds.

Despite a robust offering, the company had to face significant challenges in its initial phase. The challenge, of getting the first 150 users to try out the product, was overcome after a period  of 8-12 months, during which we attempted to do things right. We got international coverage, bloggers wrote about us, we began conversations with people who were using the product and used their feedback to enhance it, informs Niraj.

Today, Grexit’s team, based out of India, addresses the needs of its over 2,000 customer companies, almost 90 percent of whom are based out of the country. We believe the Cloud has provided us with a level playing field, helping us reach and support customers in the US, UK, Australia and even Cyprus and Lithuania. We have not only built a world-class product, we have managed to  market it successfully. We have acquired our clients through Google and other app marketplaces, without spending much on reaching out to them, Niraj informs.

The company’s journey taught it many things including the fact that when in doubt, you need to work things out by going back to your product. Go back to see whether your idea itself can be productized, whether it has been pitched  in the right way, etc., Niraj says.

Going forward, Grexit is hoping to ride on the growing adoption of SAAS tools and Cloud-based e-mail across organizations and their need to  have more efficient and organized knowledge workers.

We will be selling to tens of thousands of customers. Our vision going forward, is to launch products which are e-mail-centric and tailor made for specific businesses.

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