MOBME Wireless Solutions Ltd.

Cochin-based MOBME Wireless is a Mobile Internet company which provides value-added services for mobile phone users and carrier grade solutions for telecom operators. The company’s deep understanding of the telecom eco-system enables it to work closely with governments, brands and enterprises in providing services to end-users over wireless devices.

MOBME is a leading player in providing M-governance solutions in India and its implementation in Kerala was recently recognised by World Bank as one of the best practices globally.

MOBME’s innovation is Mobile Express, a plug and play eco-system that combines the security and non-repudiation properties of digital signature certificates with the convenience and simplicity of mobile phones.

This provides mobile digital signature solutions that ensure safe transactions. A first-of-its-kind product, Mobile Express is set to transform M-governance services in India.

Aiming to be a thought leader in the mobile identity domain, the company is looking to create a mobile identity eco-system by using Mobile Digital Signature technology in India and providing it  through various modes including SD Cards, audio jack devices, handset-based secure elements, etc. These will empower customers to manage their financial and banking needs from the convenience  of their mobile phones.

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