Why CRM Ecosystem is need of hour for SME comparing to stand-alone CRM

Next to accounting packages, communication software and office suites, CRM is the much needed technical adaption or valuable system required for any SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) in India.


But what every SME really need is not just an affordable CRM but an affordable CRM ecosystem to stay ahead in the competitive environment and grow little faster than their competitors and the market.


In general, any CRM solution will help the businesses on the below areas:

Customer Reach:

Marketing tools that helps the marketing team to initiate and manage both the offline and online marketing campaigns.

Customer Acquisition:

Lead generation and prospect tracking tools to streamline the inbound request handling; Sales Force Automation tools to follow-up, negotiate with quotes, finalizing sales conversions; Order management tolls to process sales orders and invoices generations.

Customer & Business Profiling:

Data management and filtering tools to easily segment customer data and manage the 360 degree view of customers; Analytics tools such as dashboards and reports to keep track of current status of the various business parameters.

But in a rapidly changing business world, these above said CRM capabilities alone will not help businesses to withstand and outgrow their peers. To evolve at a higher pace, businesses needs a CRM ecosystem which can provide them with the additional or extended competencies that aid them in the below areas.n

Customer Communication:

Multi Channel communication tools (Email, Text messaging and Cloud PBX) to easily collaborate with the customers and track the customer communications.

Customer Retention:

Customer service platform (HelpDesk, Knowledge Base & Solutions) that makes the customer proactively self-engage with the business and to track & address customer issues.

E-Commerce Back office:

E-Commerce integrated CRM systems can act as a back office capturing the retail customer and sales data to gain insight into customer behavior and purchasing habits which helps to improve the business offerings and increasing the sales.

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