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It was just a casual gathering at the meet up, which we all had decided to do so, after almost catching up after 20 years. With a lot of friends coming over, surely it was touted to be one of the best meet-up or conversations ever post the college years.


Well, we finally met up after a long time and, was definitely a good time we had there. But, amongst all these conversations, what caught my attention was the irrelevant 2 hours talk which one of my friend had with all of us. Trust me, it’s not about the time spent there, but it was very crucial for all of us that we started feeling that we are wasting our precious time there.


One of the guys, top management alumni (Obviously I wouldn’t want to name him here) went on boasting his accomplishments. His firm was a bootstrap one and, since he was on the verge of being a famous entity, it was all about his discussions, meetings, clients, financials, etc., which actually lost the interest after some momentum. As good as never ending it was….


Some of us went ahead for some drinks, got some food for ourselves, and eventually formed our own groups and were happy for doing so as we were bugged up by the talks… And, finally when most of us were about to wrap up, we noticed that he suddenly disappeared and, was out of sight!

The most important take away:


Now, as a brand, aren’t you sure, that somewhere or the other you would have done the same at some point in life…or at an event, client meeting?? Think…Surely not till this extent, but yes we have somewhere emphasized so much on so many things that wouldn’t have been that important! Look at us how uber cool we are, what we do and all that….


Question here is, do we need all that?? Let us say, that some of our brand marketers, business folks, top notch brand ambassadors, actually forget at times, that none care what you have to say – Its more to do with how awesomely cool you are and, rather what everyone wants is – what’s in store for them!

Well, actually if we all as brand marketers focus on our communications and, the message which we want to convey or how would they (audience) be better engaged with our brand, we will actually have a lot of people being more curious about how can they stick to our brand and, not leave us (See, here loyalty counts)


Just a small thing, but yes if we dig deep, surely we have some interesting insights to be gained & sought up to!

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