Leveraging Occupational Standards to Drive Skilling at Scale

Have you ever wondered why all keyboards are QWERTY Keyboards? There was a time when all typewriter manufacturers had their own special formats. At some point, companies started aligning to the QWERTY keyboard. As a result, all typists needed to operate on just one keyboard, getting trained became cheaper and easier, increasing the productivity.The list of the transformational impact of standards is long.

In India, the framework of creating and using occupational standards has been set up and follows some of the best practices from across the world. However, implementation of NOS across sectors has been slow. One of the key challenges can be the lack of awareness of what these standards are and how they can help. It may also be that in the initial days the rigidity of the process turned some participants away. It is time to re-look at the benefit the standards framework provides to industry that are still unexplored.

NASSCOM FutureSkills has released a white paper that delves into the world of Occupational Standards and how they could transform the way we look at education and skilling. Titled Leveraging Occupational Standards to drive Skilling at Scale,  the white paper, highlights the benefits of the framework and how industry can leverage those parts of it that can be woven seamlessly into existing processes of hiring and assessment.

Read NASSCOM FutureSkills White Paper: Leveraging Occupational Standards to drive Skilling at Scale

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