Re: A Step Forward Towards a More Favourable Shops & Establishment Act

This is indeed step in right direction. But thinking very broadly, the direction still remains that companies have full responsibility of safeguarding its employees as they travel/work in night. I would have expected more bold step in the model law where state takes equal responsibility of safety of employees (esp women) working in the night. e.g. it should mandate patrol vans with women constables in night around all SEZ, STPI areas and some hub train/metro stations, public buses with women conductors/panic buttons and CCTV in night from SEZ/STPI areas to major hubs. It may sound optimistic, but I think that Laws and Acts can not forever remain a list of you-fail-i-catch things, and instead should become a list of you-grow-i-support things. Most companies wont even have problems in funding such initiatives as currently each company is anyway sub-optimally spending for same measures on its own.

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