Shell Foundation & capital investment in early-stage social enterprises

Shell Foundation director Sam Parker says the firm will be heavily focused on India and has a total portfolio of 50 social enterprises, of which 20 are operating in India. He also details out the sort of funds they are exploring and how it benefits social enterprises. Their focus areas in India are:

In India, we have ended up with a portfolio that is very much focused on energy access that is not just entry level solar lighting but also productive use. So we support companies that are providing energy for businesses, energy for agriculture and then even larger scale mini grids and rural utility type models.

Mobility is another big area of interest for us, which is really focusing on helping cities plan for population growth, plan systems which enable people and goods to move around in a way that firstly reduces carbon, but also enabling people to participate in city life—to move around in a way that is safe, clean and affordable.

We are also supporting companies in India which are disrupting the way people and goods move around in rural India.

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