Combating COVID-19 Pandemic with AI: Computer Vision Technology

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, we can only think about curbing its spread. Wearing masks and gloves, frequent hand sanitization, social distancing, and early identification of infected people have become crucial. People are advised to stay at home and step out only for essentials.

But, the challenge on the other side of the table is ‘manufacturing those essentials.’ If the businesses continue to be closed, shops will soon run out of essentials and people will run out of jobs and money. Businesses can’t restart operations at the risk of lives as restarting will put lives at risk – it’s a chicken and egg situation.

Thus, with the majority of countries under lockdown, business continuity has become a key challenge for companies across the globe. Yet, it is critical to get businesses re-started; and the biggest challenge is to enforce and ensure strict compliance for safety measures. Given human nature, people are notorious for not following rules, and non-compliance due to slight human negligence and fatigue can be an expensive mistake.

To put it in words, “we are our worst enemies” during this COVID-19 pandemic. So, can technology help?

Yes, this is where AI technology such as computer vision can be highly impactful.

Computer Vision technology can be deployed easily to sync with an existing CCTV network of any premises and monitor it. It can keep their employees and premises safe by ensuring the use of masks and gloves by people, social distancing compliance, and early sensing of fever using thermal cameras. This technology uses the feed from cameras to detect non-compliance and raise alerts which can be configured to be sent to the right authority.

Such measures avoid the blame game amongst employees and minimise the risk of spread of the disease. Most importantly, it builds trust amongst the employees that they are entering a safe workplace. In these challenging times for communities across the globe, technology and innovation could be the key in this fight against COVID-19.

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