How companies are using mobile apps to facilitate return to work

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will be one of the biggest business challenges of our time. In order to continue the operations and minimize the risk on employees, organizations have had to rapidly shift to remote working model.We have had over 9 weeks of lockdown due to COVID19, but what is increasingly becoming clear is that humans will have to co-exist with the virus in near future at least.

Now all attention is on reopening of economy while containing the virus.

There was a survey done with employees byMind Map Advance Research at the behest of FYI, a health-tech community product

in which it was shown that 93% of employees are vary of returning back to offices, while 99% employees want their company to be held accountable for their health under corporate health responsibility (CHR).

The survey also found that 85% of employees expect their workspace to be sanitised so they can work safely without putting their health at risk, while 83% employees want that their company should provide innovative solutions to monitor and safeguard their health.


If COVID19 is not over then how are these companies planning to return back to office?

Many companies are planning to return back in office but with more enhanced technology based safety precautions. They are arming themselves with in house apps modelled on the broad idea of the government’s Aarogya Setu app which will give a self-declaration on health and contacts.


Companies which have launched such apps include Maruti Suzuki, Hero MotoCorp, Capgemini, Philips India, Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Cipla, and HCL Tech.


Regular updates will be made compulsory for all employees. These apps are designed in such a way that they are not linked to any external database. They do not perform any independent tracking function of employees when they are not in office.


  • Reliance industry has deployed the myjio app for the employees of reliance industry and their family. It is a self-diagnostic tool for people to check if they are showing Coronavirus symptoms and whether they need to visit a health centre.
  • Various companies have develop self-declaration apps. Technology major Capgemini has a self-declaration application called ‘Namaste Capgemini’


  • Maruti has introduced a Wellness Mitra app .At Maruti Suzuki, more than 34,000 employees, including apprentices, are using Wellness Mitra app. The company has developed a similar app for dealer and vendor partners to cover the entire value chain. Quick links to download Aarogya Setu come embedded in the Wellness Mitra app.


  • Hero MotoCorp has introduced two apps. It has directed employees to mandatorily declare health information through the Hero Employee app prior to resuming work. A new app Hero HOPE – HOPE stands for “Hero’s Operation for Pandemic Elimination” – allows the company to know an employee’s contacts with other employees in office.

Returning to work under the shadow of COVID19 is tough but it is heartening to see how in addition to usage of Aarogya Setu, technology is being leveraged by different companies in order to bring their workforce back in office.


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